3 Types of Veggies in Season During Winter

… and what to cook with them!

In the winter months and all the way through spring Danish farming suffers from what farmers like to call “the Hungry Gap”. This is the time of year where nothing grows, and where farmers can’t harvest their crops, because the soil is frozen.

However, produce such as potatoes, carrots and cabbage often survive the frost, and is kept stored during winter. In this way, we can still eat veggies, even when the climate is cold and unforgiving.

It does mean, however, that many of the veggies in your GRIM box will be the same in this period of time. But don’t despair, and don’t put your hate on potatoes! ‘Cus there’s many, many different ways to use the recurring veggies, that will make you forget all about the lack of variety in these cold hard months.

Here are 3 of our favorite types of veggies, that are still available during the hungry gap, and some suggestions on how to cook them in various ways, so go ahead and eat up!

Collage with kale, potatoes, beetroots, parsnips, brussel sprouts, leeks, red cabbage and celeriac

1. Captivating Cabbage

Red-, white-, Chinese-, pointy-. There are many different types of cabbage that survive throughout winter, and common to all of them are, that they can be used in so many different ways beside from the most ordinary ways.

FRY IT. Have you tried to fry a quarter of a cabbage in butter on the pan? It’s super easy and good as a side dish.

FERMENT IT. Or you can follow in the footsteps of the Korean and German people and make yourself a nice portion of kimchi or sauerkraut. It will last long and bring a lot of joy. Fermented cabbage goes well as topping on a hotdog, as part of a salad, or just as a side dish.

ROLL IT. Use stir fried cabbage as filling for your spring rolls, or use the leafs as the roll itself and fill it with other delicious veggies.

SLICE IT. Slice the cabbage fine and add it to soups in the last minute as a nice and crunchy veggie-noodle.

2. Kick-ass Kale

As for kale, you can use it in the same way as cabbage mostly. But there are a few more ways in which to spice up you kale-collection.

CRISP IT. Tear the kale in big pieces and put it on a baking rack and into the oven with oil and seasoning. After about 10 minutes you have nice crispy-crisps (and a smelly kitchen).

FRY IT. Kale is also very good when fried on the pan. It turns crunchy and is perfect for a warm salad.

JUICE IT. Your kale makes for a perfect part of a healthy juice or smoothie. But you can also cook the kale in lemon juice, by letting it soak in the juice for a couple of hours before you eat it!

3. Remarkable Roots

Potatoes, beetroots, parsnips, celeriac and even carrots also last throughout the winter months. You will get a lot of these in your GRIM boxes, so here are some tips to help you vary the dishes you make out of them.

PICKLE IT. Beetroots, carrots and celeriac are utterly delicious when sliced thinly and pickled with spices and vinegar.

BAKE IT. Yeah, its all good baked in the oven as a savory dish. But many of these roots are actually also good in the sweet kitchen as fillings in cake and bread. You know how to bake with carrots, but you can use parsnip in the exact same way!

GRIND IT. Grind your root veggies and mix with egg, cheese and herbs and fry on the pan as delicious patties.

SLURP IT. Root veggies make perfect soups! So go ahead and add water to cubes of roots and make yourself a nutritious healthy soup.

/Article written by Simone

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