Baked sweet potato

Add your favourite toppings, anything according to your gusto: cilantro, chili, lime, jalapenos, pickled red onions, guac, or similar.


Baked sweet potato with veggie fillings

 Here's what you'll need for your steaming hot amigo:

  • 4 medium sized Sweet potatoes 

  • 1 can chili beans

  • 2 avocados

  • 1 fresh chili

  • ½ a salad onion, red onion or spring onions

  • Juice from ½ a lemon

  • Jalapenos

  • A handful of cilantro

  • Salt & pepper

And here's how to make it:

  1. Wash and remove all dirt from the sweet potatoes. Bake them at 200 degrees Celsius for 40-60 minutes or until the inside is soft and tender. 

  2. Finely chop onions and juice a lemon, then mash together with the avocados and taste with salt and pepper.

  3. Heat the chili beans in a small pot. Finely chop chili and remove leaves from the cilantro stems.

  4. Once the sweet potatoes are done, split them in half, add avocado mash, beans, and add any of your favourite toppings!

  5. Enjoy, and remember to tag your own version of the dish with @eatgrim or #eatgrim on Insta :)

Recipe by Oliver Blomqvist