Orange Sirup

recipe information orange sirup


  • 1dl water
  • 130g of sugar
  • ½ teaspoon of vanilla powder (from Urtekram) (Or use double the amount of vanillasugar if you don’t have pure vanilla) 
  • 2.5 dl fresh orange juice (approx. 3 oranges) 

crepes with orange sirup on a plate

 How to make it

  1. Add your sugar and water into a pot. As soon as it boils, turn it down and put a lit on for approx. 30 minutes 
  2. Add vanilla and freshly squeezed oranges and turn it up – make it boil – turn it down again, find your lit, and let it be for 30 more minutes
  3. Let it cool down and pour it in a clean glass

Recipe by Camille Maja