Spanish Tortilla

Spanish Tortilla, Spanish Omelette or Tortilla Española, this beautiful dish is known by a variety of names. Not surprisingly, this dish has it's origins in Spain, where it has been a staple for many years. There it is most usually served as a tapa, a light snack or appetizer to enjoy before the full meal, but in this version there's enough to fill a whole family. It is believed that the reason for why the name Tortilla Española has become the most well known way of describing this dish, is to avoid any confusion with the tortilla wraps we know and love from other cuisines. Tortilla does directly translate to Omelette in some languages, but it is clear to see why they decided it was easier to go with a clearer name.


Spanish tortilla in a cast iron pan, topped with red onions, tomatoes and chives


  • 400 g preboiled potatoes 

  • 7 eggs 

  • 1 handful grated parmesan 

  • 0.7 dl milk/cream

  • Salt & pepper 

  • Oil/butter

Topped with red onions, tomatoes & chives

Served with rye bread 

How to:

  1. Turn your oven on 200 degrees

  2. Mix eggs, milk, parmesan, salt and pepper in a bowl

  3. Cut your preboiled potatoes in slices and add to your eggs

  4. Find an oven proofed tray/pan and add some butter/oil, so the egg-mass won’t stick

  5. Add your mixture to the pan/tray and bake for 15-20 minutes in the oven, till its nice and golden

  6. Serve with onions, tomatoes and chives on top, and some rye bread on the side. Enjoy

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