Big & Beastly

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11 plus varieties of organic & seasonal fruit & veg.
ideal for small families or flat shares, weight 6-8 kg, depending on seasonality 

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We made a promise to constantly improve our impact on the environment. That's why already 50% of our boxes are delivered by bike.

Schedule for Pickup

CPH Nordvest: Tuesdays + Thursdays between kl. 15-19 at
Frederiksborgvej 59, 2400 Copenhagen NV

Soul Shine: Wednesdays between kl. 16-18 at
Graven 24, 8000 Aarhus C

Cobra: Thursdays kl. 16-18 at Asger Jorns Allé 9.

Staldkøkkenet: Thursdays kl. 16-18 at Staldgade 10.

Globalhagen: Thursdays kl. 16-18 at , Fælledvej 12.

Got the perfect pickup spot in mind? Reach out to and let us know!

Schedule for Delivery

Tuesday Delivery: 
Postal codes 2100 & 2200

Wednesday Delivery:
Postal codes 1000-2000, 2300-4618

Wednesday Delivery:
Postal codes 8000-8580

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