A Sustainable Christmas Feast

This year, the culinary lab .506 and EAT GRIM have joined forces to make it possible for everyone to make a really delicious, sustainable Christmas meal. While a typical Danish holiday is heavy on meats, this meal is completely vegetarian and based on overproduce and ugly vegetables.

A person holding up a plate, getting served a dish from the EAT GRIM & Søren Westh Christmas menu

There is no question about the fact that this holiday may not be like Christmas as we know it. With limited traveling and social occasions, we are all rethinking how we spend time together. 

On top of that, the climate crisis we are living in is another key reason for rethinking and changing traditions. We cannot act passively anymore, and two easy ways in which we can make a difference is by eating less meat and reducing our food waste.  

So… might this be an opportunity to rethink our Christmas meal?

The idea behind the menu is to make the most out of the produce that the Danish winter offers us. With the right amount of love, humble vegetables such as red cabbage, kale and potatoes, which are staples of our everyday kitchen, can be made into delicious, elegant and decorative celebratory dishes. For example, celeriac is carefully prepared to become the protagonist of the feast, thereby replacing the typical meat dish that most of us are used to. Plus all dishes are greatly complemented by .506’s Garnish for Greens, blends that enhance and make plant-based dishes more tasty and more beautiful. So believe us when we say that meat is not even missed in this feast. And when it comes to decor, Karens Bord inspires us to create a table setting and mood that is also based on seasonal veggies, instead of flowers or spruce that end up going to waste.

A Big & Beastly GRIM box for the Christmas menu, with all the included veggies in front of it

You can get EAT GRIM’s box, filled with all the ugly veggies you need, Garnish for Greens, and .506 recipes, here. And you can learn more about Karens Bord, rent their beautiful table service and decor, or simply seek inspiration, here.