Eating Grim as a family

Healthy and child-friendly meals every single day!

This article is the first in a series of articles about how our Grimlings use the boxes in their daily lives. All the stories, Grimlings and lives are different, just like the veggies they centre around. Enjoy the read, and enjoy the food!

Founder of Mums Get Fit, Christina, her husband Ed, and their two daughters

Christina, Ed and their two daughters

Meal planning away

Founder of Mums Get Fit, mother of two, married to Ed, and a Grimling of ours, Christina Andersen is pro healthy and a lover of ugly food that makes young kids happy and active adults full. She has agreed to let us share her ugly secrets with you, and show you how she and her family of 4 eat healthy food every single meal made from their weekly BIG & BEASTLY-box. Spoiler-alert: It all comes down to meal planning and having fun!

The BIG & BEASTLY-box of astounding 7.5kg of ugly, organic and delicious seasonal fruits and veggies is delivered to Christina’s studio every Wednesday. She finds this very convenient in a busy schedule, and in a life, where home cooked meals are key to her family and their well-being. When the box is delivered she is ready as instant noodles to start cooking straight away. Her secret is meal planning on Monday when she knows the box content, planning all meals ahead and shopping for it. She says that meal planning “keeps food costs down, removes stress and helps balance how the family eats. It also helps us eat more rationally and less emotionally. It is an adjustment to begin with but it saves hours every week and leads to better health without dieting”. This is also an advice she gives to her clients on their quests for becoming healthy and happy.

Healthy ugly food every single meal of the day

For Christina and her family, something from the Eat Grim-box is present in all meals during the week, and even in snacks and side dishes too. That means more than 28 meals, equal to more than 112 plates of food, are uglyfied and enjoyed by the two active adults and their young girls every week. With proper meal planning, the box gives them extra sides for their meat, and even leftovers to make into delicious soups for lunch the next day. Sometimes it is a challenge with all the beetroots, Christina ads, but now she has begun to freeze them for later use, or mix them in nutritious smoothies.

And yes, the family does eat meat, and yes, they do buy extra ingredients, which is a good way to make the box last longer. The point with subscribing to Eat Grim for Christina and Ed has never been so they could stop grocery shopping all together, but that they can reach their goal of eating 12–20 veggies a day, while at the same time showing their daughters the world with all its’ perfect imperfections (as John Legend would put it). Christina sees Eat Grim as “a metaphor for how we all need to start looking at our world in a less superficial way”, and the girls love unpacking the box each week, to find out what’s in there.

Kids eat ugly veg too

Just like Christina is coaching her clients to love themselves and reconnect with their natural bodies, so she is embracing the different shapes and sizes in her Eat Grim-box as well as teaching her daughters to embrace new veggies and dishes they haven’t encountered before. The Eat Grim-box is making her daughters more creative and interested in trying new things, as they are with her during the entire process from unpacking to cooking. In this way, the family can live the life they love. For Christina, this means that the family can “embrace their beliefs about living a happy and healthy life with their girls; from how to eat, to spending as much time as we can out in nature, to having fun exercising together”. That is: even an active family of 4 can get filling, nutritious and child friendly meals out of their Eat Grim-box on a weekly and daily basis.

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/Article written by Simone