How to easily forage seaweed for your menu

Many of us have only experienced seaweed as part of the Asian kitchen, but did you know that these growing treasures of the sea, are actually some of the oldest recorded dietary items in human history?

For our ‘Truly Ugly Easter Table’ chef Emilie Qvist Kjærgaard took us to the coast of Sjællands Odde in search of some of this aquatic superfood which is actually super easy to harvest yourself. So, put on your waders, and let’s go forage some: 

 There are many different types of seaweed and most of them are actually edible. Also, there’s nothing special to be aware of, besides the one rule to always harvest seaweed in the water that’s attached to a stone. That means it’s alive and well and just perfect to include in our meal. 

The top shoots are the good stuff and though it might taste like the idea of seaweed - with saltwater and also an iron-ish flavour - you can prep it in different ways in the kitchen, to make it taste absolutely amazing. 

Stay tuned for the first dish for our ‘Truly Ugly Easter Table’:

Seaweed crispbread with beetroot, vinegar syrup, and mustard herbs


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