How To Forage Ramsons For Your Spring Menu

Something that’s really popping in nature these days are the cute and delicious ramsons that will complement almost any dish with their fresh taste of garlic and sweet onion.

For our ‘Truly Ugly Easter Table’ we went with Emilie Qvist Kjærgaard to forage for these bringers of spring at a nearby ramson-hill.

You can find ramsons in deciduous forests and big parks and they will usually guide you by their strong smell of onion. But, be aware if it’s in a place where a lot of people are walking their dogs - you don’t want it to smell of something else ;) 

“Harvest as much, as you can fit in your hat” 

According to an old Danish law from 1241, you can forage as much in the forest as the size of your headgear allows. That’s of course a pretty vague distinction if you accidentally chose to wear a huge hat that day. But the idea is kind of right - to only take whatever you need for your dish, and leave the rest for others to enjoy. 

The really nice thing about ramsons is that they’re so good right now when they’re tiny and fresh, but also delicious when they become bigger or start blooming with buds. 

So put on your hat, go harvest whatever you need, and bring it home to use for something nice in the kitchen. 

Stay tuned for our Emilie’s Easter dish with ramsons.

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