Leeks with Mustard and Cress

This dish is super easy, and still packs a lot of flavour. Whether you're just in need of a light lunch or a snack, or plan on it being part of a larger meal, this is a recipe that can quickly become a favorite.

Ready in 15 minutes — side


  • Leeks
  • Mustard: dijon and grainy
  • Cress

How to cook it

  1. Slowly mix one teaspoon of Dijon and grainy mustard with olive oil, using a hand whisk.
  2. Wash and cut leeks into similar big pieces.
  3. Heat up a little salted water and boil leeks until tender.
  4. Plate and garnish with cress and other herbs or flowers you have.

Tip: If you're worried about how to thoroughly clean the leeks, or have ever experienced small bits of dirt stuck inbetween the layers, here's what to do. Use a sharp knife to cut straight through the green bit of the leek, a few cm from the top. Spread out the individual layers as you rinse the leek with water, and you should be able to avoid nice and clean leeks. Another option is to do the cut, and then submerge the entire leek in water, and letting it sit for a while before taking it out and squeezing out the water.