Mamma Mia - GRIM FOOD the Italian way

Let's be honest: Danish people are great at baking, probably you can't find a better "Kanelsnegel" or "Rugbrød" somewhere else - but the Danish cuisine is not the, let's say, most popular. 

One of the cuisines we love most? Of course, Italian food. Good, that we work together with two amazing Donna's from Northern and Southern Italy. The two lovely ladies Francesca & Marinella started blogging 3 years ago in order to feel closer to their sunny Italian home while living in Copenhagen. When cooking & eating their amazing recipes, you'll feel like your sitting in a small restaurant somewhere in Italy, with sun shining in your face, and the sounds of street musicians in the background... at least almost ;) 

pasta in a bowlMediterranean roasted tomato paccheri with fresh herbs & soft mozzarella

These two GRIM chefs show us, that Italian food is definitely more than just pizza & pasta! Their concept is to prepare Italian dishes from fresh produce easily available in Denmark and which are easy to prepare, as they want everybody to be able to cook them. :) So, start cooking, for example a celery pesto, roasted red peppers, or baked parsnip & beetroot chips. Easy and suuuuper delicious! 

celery pesto in a bowl

This celery pesto is perfect as a spread, topping and for seasoning pasta & it only needs 15 mins to prepare. 

Want to hear more about mad&delicacy? We asked them a few questions... 

2 cooking woman

In the week that you’ve received your GRIM box, did something change in cooking and eating and cooking habits? If yes, what changed?

"Since we received our first GRIM box, we noticed three main changes in our family habits. Firstly, we have fewer plastic packages to throw away. Secondly, we are talking more about not wasting food, and every time we receive the box we are curious to find out why GRIM products are "grim". Thirdly, a new challenge for us is to find out how to cook ingredients we never tasted before presenting new interesting recipes."

What’s the main reason for buying a GRIM box, in your opinion?

"Buying a GRIM box means taking care of the environment and consequently of our children's future."

How would you describe GRIM one sentence? “GRIM is…”

"GRIM is sustainable, eco-friendly, punctual, environmentally friendly, future oriented - GRIM is caring for our future." 

carrot-orange-cake on a plate

Carrot & orange cake - the fruit & veg makes this cake super soft & it will stay fresh for days, unless you already ate the whole cake in one day anyway ;) 

Thank you Francesca & Marinella for the great collaboration! We're looking forward to more Italian recipes :)