The COP26 climate summit is not enough

Flag of the UN Climate change conference in 2021 (COP26)

Because of COP26 taking place this week, and the upcoming municipality elections, we are seeing a much larger focus on climate change and sustainability this week, both from politicians, the media and others.

Sadly, it has been a very mixed experience, with many arguments back and forth, and a lack of concrete actions. This is even more worrying, when you consider the new IPCC report, which was released later this year, and further highlighted the importance of taking climate action, and doing so now. When we look at food production specifically, we also see that the situation has gotten worse, since a recent report from WWF highlighted that the amount of food which goes to waste, is now closer to 40%, which is an increase from the 33%, which was the previous estimate.

To anyone who is interested in climate change, or honestly, for anyone who is even slightly interested in a positive future, it should be clear that the situation is serious. Currently, it seems, people are more interested in pointing fingers and planning, than they are in actually enforcing and creating actions. The biggest news we have seen from COP26 so far, is that a number of countries have agreed to end deforestation by 2030, something that if successful, would have a large positive impact on the climate. However, it is fair to expect more than just this agreement to a plan, especially since it is not something new - a similar agreement was in fact made back in 2014. The sad thing is, that the agreement from 2014 didn’t have any visible effect, instead it ended with countries leaving the plan, and more arguing back and forth. Even worse than that, is the fact that deforestation has kept rising since 2014, even when action was promised.

Because of all this, it can be hard to know where we actually stand, when it comes to the progress towards a more climate friendly and sustainable world - There exists a lot of promises and words, but what is actually true, and what will end up being fulfilled?

One thing is for certain, and that is that a better world requires that all of us are more conscious about what we do, and that we seek knowledge on how to live more sustainably. It might feel daunting or overwhelming, but consider that if every single person reduced their footprint by a few percentages, then that could still be multiplied many thousands and millions of times, and have a tangible, positive impact. Most notably, doing nothing, changes nothing. Taking action, and doing something, anything, has an impact.

So where can you start? What are some simple actions that you can take right now?

A person planting a seedling in the ground

Participate in events that fight to stop climate change, like Folkets Klimamarch on the 6th of November this year. Share the word about these kinds of events, and put pressure on politicians and those in power, so they can see that this is the will that people carry, and that we expect change, not just promises.

Eat more green! Not everyone is interested in going vegetarian or vegan, and that is not what we expect either. Instead, slowly introduce more vegetables and greens into your daily life, you can always find inspiration from our produce, and the recipes on our blog. A little bit goes a long way, again, even a little change, is a change.

Support and buy from sustainable businesses, and think more about how you consume. Wair is a business which creates awesome looking sneakers from upcycled textiles, Beyond Coffee makes drinking cups and other products of used coffee grounds, and LastObject makes sustainable, reusable versions of cotton swabs and other bathroom products. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a big thing, but changing your buying habits, and looking for greener options, not only supports small, climate-friendly business, but also sends a signal to larger companies that if they want to stay around, then they need to be more sustainable.

Dreaming of a more sustainable Christmas…

A happy snowman with gloves, standing in the snow

As mentioned earlier, a newly released report from WWF revealed that food waste is actually increasing. This is a big issue, and with Christmas just around the corner, it is even more important that we are aware of our habits. If we look at an average year, then December is the month with the highest amount of food waste, often because of the increase in lunch- and dinner parties, but also because many people associate Christmas with having a large amount of food on the dinner table. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas in style, but it is important to still think about how potential leftovers can be used, and whether your guests will actually have room for seconds.

So remember to also give Mother Nature a Christmas gift this year, in the form of sustainable, climate-friendly habits, and lots of love.

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