What to cook with this veggie?!

Getting a surprise box of different veggies and fruits each week can be challenging sometimes - we know - you take a look at your box and think, what the hell should I cook with these veggies? According to one of our Instagram surveys our customers struggle most with fennel, beetroot, and cabbage. 

To make your life easier, we work together with amazing GRIM chefs who cook weekly with our veggies and create new recipes, which we share on our blog. Just check out our blog - search for the veggies you don't know what to do with - and you will find some ideas.All our recipes are vegetarian and of course: plant-based. 

We want to introduce our new Chef to you: Cæcilie Gade, known as plantbasedcæcilie on Instagram. Besides creating delicious vegan recipes, she is studying environmental studies and works as a volunteer in Den Grønne Studenterbevægelse, a movement that focuses on environmental issues and their solution. 

picture of a woman eating pizza

Are you excited to hear more from Cæcilie? We asked her some questions... 

How did you get into cooking?

"I've never really been big on cooking, so when I started on a plant-based diet, I had to learn how to make food and soon I fell in love with cooking and how you can make food out of a million different things in innovative ways."

Describe the dishes you make. 

"The dishes I make are always vegan. I try to make dishes that most people know, but has an innovative twist to show, how you can incorporate more veggies in your food."

potato-celeriac soup in a bowl

Not just a simple potato-celeriac soup. Cæcilie gives the soup a special twist by adding fried mushrooms and ovenbaked chickpeas - yummy! 

What’s your ultimate anti food waste kitchen hack?

"My best hack to limit your food waste is to make a meal plan so you only have to go food-shopping once a week. Another hack is to get creative - instead of throwing out veggies and food, try to search for recipes where you can incorporate the food; or else make a soup!"

What’s your favourite dish?

"My favourite dish is either sushi or pizza. Both dishes are amazing for getting creative with your fillings/toppings. Leftover veggies can almost always be used; and it's also a great way to taste out new sushi rolls or pizza toppings."

vegetable quiche

Sushi, pizza, or quiche - perfect to get rid of your leftover-veggies. This delicious recipe for a vegan quiche can by varied just the way you like it. 

Why do you work with GRIM?

"The reason why I work with GRIM is because of the great messages they're trying to send; less food waste. It's a great and innovative way to limit food waste. It's so beautiful and well-done and a great way to support new entrepreneurs, that works for a more sustainable world."

In your opinion, why should people get a GRIM box?

"People who haven't tried GRIM yet should try it, because it's a great way to try out new veggies and fruits; and get creative and innovative with your dishes at home. You will get more familiar with where your food is from and why it's hasn't made its way to the stores."

How would you describe GRIM one sentence? 

"GRIM is beautiful and sustainable; so try it out!"

Thank you Cæcilie for the great collaboration! We're looking forward to more of your vegan recipes :)