The Eat Grim Manifest

We celebrate all colours, shapes and sizes - in people and food alike.

Why should you care?

  • Fair prices for farmers: One third of what you pay for each Eat Grim box goes back into the farmers’ pockets.
  • Fresher food: Our platform shortens and digitalises the traditional food supply chain and cuts out many middle parts to get you fresh food, faster.
  • Sustainable: Each box filled with grim produce saves scarce water resources, prevents harmful CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere, and frees up land to give back to nature.

We treasure


We tell the stories that usually remain untold, without hiding one grim detail: why food is wasted and what actions we take to change the status quo.


We make it easy for you to crush food waste by creating tasty, meaningful and fun moments together - one box at a time.


We’re fundamentally changing the way people eat and do our best to have a positive climate impact throughout the whole value chain.


We promise to be an inclusive and diverse company that creates an equitable future for all of nature’s forms, shapes and colours - in food and people alike.

Our suppliers

Our Grimlings

Our team

Eat Grim was founded in 2018 by Petra Kaukua (FI) and Carolin Schiemer (DE) in Copenhagen, Denmark. They met while studying for a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), where they became passionate students of food systems. During a farm visit, they discovered mountains of perfectly edible but grim-looking vegetables about to be thrown out - and Eat Grim was born. Much has happened since, and now we’re crushing food waste together with this awesome team each and every day. That’s us!

Petra Kauka


Carolin Schiemer


Corissa Peterson

Performance Marketing Manager

Kasper Boll

Marketing Communications Coordinator

Rainer Gugerel

Operations Manager

Barbora Gadlinová

Graphic Designer / Photographer

Emma Thorning Danielsen

Customer Success Specialist

Tanja Bohm Jensen

Customer Success Specialist

Thim Frederiksen

Digital Marketing Assistant

Thies Hoeft

Operations Team Lead

Jonas Vedel

Management Associate

Victor Palacios

Quality Coordinator