Sustainable Delivery

Even though transportation from the food industry only accounts for approximately 6% of total greenhouse gas emission, we at EAT GRIM believe that this is something that we should also pay attention to. That is why we have teamed up with some of the most sustainable couriers in Denmark, in order to deliver your boxes to your doorstep or nearest pick up spot with the smallest climate footprint possible.


Back when EAT GRIM first started delivering boxes, they were approached by a quirky young British man, who had just started his only bicycle delivery company, Chainge. His name was Paul, he wanted to know if we wanted our boxes delivered by bicycle, and of course we gave him a big, “yes”. The rest is history, and we have been growing together ever since. Today approximately 35% of all our boxes are delivered by bike and the dream is to expand bicycle delivery to other cities in the future.

Chainge currently delivers to Greater Copenhagen on electric bikes and focuses on the final mile delivery. By switching out delivery cars and diesel trucks with their electric cargo bikes, Change’s mission is to increase air quality, by releasing fewer CO2 particles into the air, and reduce noise pollution in the city.

Burd Delivery

To expand our delivery area past Greater Copenhagen, we teamed up with Burd Delivery halfway through 2020, and they currently deliver our boxes to the rest of Sjælland and to Greater Aarhus. They have a 96% drop rate, and always ensure that the box is delivered to your doorstep. One thing we really love about Burd Delivery, is that all their deliveries are 100% climate compensated. They compensate for the entire company so that you don’t have to worry about a thing, and it’s all through UN projects. They do this because it’s important to them and because they wish to leave a positive impact - right in the spirit of EAT GRIM.

Burd Delivery calculates what they should climate compensate for using Cleanr. They look at the CO2 emissions produced by their cars, the fuel production and fuel spend of their office and their employees. By calculating the exact number of CO2 emissions per kilometers driven, they have estimated that on average the delivery of one package has the emission of 155g CO2 per package.

The UN project they’re supporting at the moment is transforming Indonesia's energy supply to green energy. Burd Delivery has told us that in the future it will be possible for you to choose one out of four projects that you wish for your climate compensation to go to.