Everything you need to know about your GRIM subscription

We've designed GRIM as a daily relief for your weekly grocery shopping. GRIM works as a subscription with full flexibility: that means you'll keep on receiving boxes without having to worry about when and what to shop, but with the option of skipping weeks and cancelling at any times.

We are convinced that we can sustainably contribute to a changed eating and buying behavior through boxes filled with ugly but healthy, 100% organic certified fresh produce that would normally be wasted.

Choose Your Box size

Whether you’re cooking for yourself or an entire army, we have the right box size to match your lifestyle.


Choose your plan

Weekly deliveries or only every second week? Need to cancel, change boxes, or skip a week? Not a problem.


Choose your shipping method

Want the full convenience of home delivery? We got you! Wanna go the extra mile and reduce your environmental footprint? Choose pick up at our pick up spot in Copenhagen Nordvest.


We design and pack your box

Our weekly email newsletter with unboxing info and recipe ideas gets sent out the day before your box arrives and makes it easy for you to go ahead with your meal planning. If you have allergies or do not like certain items, we we will make sure to substitute with something else.


We deliver your box or you pick it up

Get your box delivered right to your doorstep by bike or car or come pick it up yourself at one of our pick up spots across town.


Get cooking

Welcome a little more excitement and fun back into your kitchen and try out ingredients you might have never tasted before. Get inspired by our crooked veggies and recipe ideas!


Why choosing GRIM?

Subscription or single box? No problem. Skipping weeks or cancelling is super simple and switching box size, subscription plan and shipping method can be done at any point.

Zero waste kitchen:

Never has reducing waste been so effortless. We do the work in selecting top quality food that might otherwise go to waste, you do the cooking.


We keep packaging at a minimum and re-use your wooden GRIM boxes to the max. 


Our GRIM box makes it easy for you to add more vegetables into your diet.


Choose between home delivery and pick up.

100% organic:

sometimes biodynamic. No pesticides and GMO.


Bring back the swag into your kitchen and get a good laugh from our crooked vegetables.


Level up your cooking skills by trying out our plant-based recipes, food waste tricks and kitchen hacks


Know exactly where your food is coming from and why it is in our GRIM boxes - info you cannot get from any supermarket or other mealboxes. On top of that, you can be assured that we pay farmers a fair price for all the love, time and resources they put into growing our food.

First things first


We deliver our GRIM boxes always on Tuesdays. If you choose home delivery, our drivers come between 3PM - 9PM and if you decide to pick up your box, the pick up time is between 5PM - 7PM at Frederiksborgvej 59 in Nordvest.

Nope. You can skip your weekly delivery or cancel at any time. Just be sure to do so by 23:59 PM on Friday before your box the next week.

We deliver your ugly boxes between 3 PM to 9 PM on Tuesdays. If you’re not at home, don’t worry! Our drivers are pro’s and will find their way into your apartment building, usually by ringing your neighbours, and you can always add special delivery instructions to your account. If for some reason we cannot deliver your box on the first drop, we’ll try a second time after the driver’s route is finished. Our delivery success rate is 98%, but if also the second drop should be unsuccessful, you can come pick up your box on Wednesday at our warehouse in Nordvest. You’ll definitely get those veggies, we promise!

No, we never take keys of customers. Our delivery success rate is 99% and our drivers are pro’s, so they will find their way into your apartment building, usually by ringing your neighbours. Plus, you can always add special delivery instructions to your account.

When signing up, you can drop us a line with foods you don’t eat under “allergy”, then we’ll substitute with other delicious items.

Totally, anytime and easily done from your customer account.

No worries. You can easily skip a week (or several!) when you need to. Just be sure to do so by  23:59 PM on Friday before your box the next week.

Lucky you! We have a blog where we collect yummy recipes made by our GRIM chefs so you can get inspired of what to make from the veggies in your box :) Also, our active community of GRIMlings post lots of cooking ideas on Instagram. Just check #eatgrim

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Tuesday is GRIM day! Every Tuesday, your GRIM boxes are ready for you to be picked up or delivered.

Want the full convenience of home delivery? We deliver our boxes by cars and cargo bikes between 3PM - 9PM

Wanna go the extra mile and reduce your environmental footprint? Choose pick up in Nordvest and get your box between 5PM - 7PM

Frederiksborgvej 59,
2400 København

We source straight from the farm


The guiding principle behind everything we do is to reduce the negative environmental impact of our food systems. Full stop.

At GRIM, every step of of our ingredients’ journey matters. Our team works hard to make our processes as environmentally friendly and delicious as possible. 

We source straight from the farm. That way we can cut out many middlemen to shorten supply chains, so your produce is as ugly and fresh as it gets. By sourcing without middleman, we can pay farmers a fair price for all the love, time and resources they put into growing our food - also food that is ugly!

Our awesome farmers who are primarily located in Denmark, with a growing network in the rest of Europe. From freshly picked, slightly too thin Danish asparagus to oversized melons ripening under the Italian sun, you can be assured that your food was sourced with love.

At GRIM, all produce is organic, sometimes biodynamic. We believe that the way forward is to invest in a sustainable future without pesticides and GMO. By eating GRIM, we want to enable more people to live healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Go greens!

Find out where our farms are located by zooming into the map below.


It’s easy to recycle responsibly, so help us keep your GRIM habit as sustainable as possible with these tips and tricks

1. The wooden GRIM box

Your veggies are transported in wooden boxes that are reused as many times as possible. Help us out and return your wooden box to us with each new box you receive.

2. The plastic outer wrap

Inside the box is a thin plastic bag to contain all the veg and prevent them from getting into contact with germs during transportation. This is a requirement from the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark. We are currently looking into replacing the only plastic bag we use with biodegradable material. In the meantime, use it for storing your veggies in the fridge or re-use as a trash bag.

3. The green bio bag

You might know the green bags made of corn starch from your own home composting. We are using those to pack leafy vegetables that release a lot of humidity, like salads. Re-use them in your own green bin.

4. The brown paper bags

Sometimes, more delicate items that get easily bruised require separation from the rest of the veggies in the box to not get smashed, so we use brown paper bags to keep ‘em safe and sound. Re-use them to store your veggies that like it dark, for example potatoes.

5. The cotton GRIM bag

For our pick up customers in Nordvest, we offer the possibility to take home veggies in one of our handmade certified organic and fairtrade cotton bags, so the bike ride home gets manageable and fashionable ;) Re-use them for your weekly shopping instead of buying single use plastic bags.

6. The paper

The paper we use for printing your weekly box leaflets on comes from responsible sources and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the EU Ecolabel.