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First things first


By buying a GRIM box, you 1) Support farmers directly 2) Inspire your weekly cooking in a fun way 3) Actively reduce food waste and plastic packaging. What’s not to love?

If you order before a Sunday, your first box is coming the week after - if you miss the order deadline, you’ll have to wait till the week after. Read more about our delivery days here

We deliver your GRIM box on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays depending on where you live (see delivery schedule). The day before the delivery, you’ll receive a text message with the approximate time frame of when your box is expected to arrive. If you are not at home during that time to receive your box in person, don’t worry! Our drivers will place your box in front of your apartment door. Please note that we do not take keys to get into apartment buildings. 

Always – and sometimes even biodynamic.

No. You’d be surprised how normal GRIM food looks. In fact, most of our produce is overproduced (that means perfectly normal). The rest is simply grown too small or too big, can have scratches or imperfections on the surface and in some cases are grown wonky.

Yes. You can tell us which items you don’t eat and we’ll leave them out for you. We will of course add more of the rest!

EAT GRIM’s produce comes straight from organic and sometimes biodynamic farms to you, whereas the food in supermarkets can sometimes be several months old and has been passed on from middlemen to middlemen. Our fruit & veg is HIGH QUALITY and always in season, and you can taste that. Having direct contact to suppliers also allows us to get you veggies you normally can’t find in supermarkets with minimum use of wrapping. In terms of prices, depending on where you normally shop EAT GRIM is sometimes more and sometimes less expensive than your typical supermarket.

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Pick Up

Nordvest: Tuesdays & Thursdays kl. 15-19 at EAT GRIM HQ, Frederiksborgvej 59
Ørestad Syd (temporarily closed): Thursdays kl. 16-18 at CobraCPH, Asger Jorns Allé 9.
Vesterbro (temporarily closed): Thursdays kl. 16-18 at Staldkøkkenet, Staldgade 10.

Aarhus C (temporarily closed): Wednesdays kl. 16-18 at Soul Shine, Graven 24.

Got the perfect pick up spot in mind?
Reach out to 
support@eatgrim.com and let us know!

Find out more about our pick up locations by clicking here.


2100-2200: Tuesdays (kl. 15-20)
1000-4681: Wednesdays (kl. 15-22)

Wednesdays (kl. 18-22)

8000-8541: Wednesdays (kl. 18-22)

Live outside of our delivery area? 
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You can read more about our delivery schedule by clicking here.

A box to end packaging waste

Less packaging is better packaging. Keep your GRIM habit as sustainable as possible with these tips and tricks:

The bio bag

Bio bags are an important alternative to ordinary plastic bags. The materials used are 100% compostable and degradable polyester, vegetable oils and starches. These certainly don't pollute like microplastics, which are so harmful to our environment, and only leave behind water, CO2 and humus.

Reuse these bags to either keep your veggies crisp in your fridge, or to dispose of your bio or household waste.

The cardboard box

Our cardboard boxes are made of 66% recycled and 33% virgin fiber from FSC certified sources in Sweden and are produced in Denmark. Finding a cardboard producer close to home was important to us. 

Recycle your GRIM box in the designated cardboard bins accessible in your residential area.