🤩Want to own a piece of GRIM?🤩

Well guess what?! Now you can. We have just launched our equity crowdfunding campaign - and we would love to get you on board! Equity crowdfunding means that we are crowdfunding through you - our sweet community. And in exchange, you get a share of GRIM. 

Whether you have been with us since we launched 1½ years ago, or whether you have just discovered us, we want to invite you to this unique opportunity to help us grow and expand.

We believe that crowdfunding in this way is a very special way for us to build deeper relationships with cherished community of customers, advisors, friends, business partners, suppliers - all of us who are here to smash the food industry beauty standards with us. 


How does it work?

We’re using a platform called Funderbeam. How it works - you will first sign up and create a profile on the platform (see how here). On the campaign page you can read more about our campaign and participate by clicking the ‘Invest' button and indicating the amount you wish to invest. This amount will serve as an indication of interest and does not legally bind you to commit to the investment. When the campaign is closed, we will send further information about the final steps. The minimum amount you can invest is 100€ (ca. 750DKK) and in return, you will get a share of our company worth your investment.

Unconventional Ventures

The round is lead by Unconventional Ventures, a nordic VC focusing on scaleable tech startups at the pre-seed/seed stage. Specifically, they invest in companies founded by underrepresented founders and targeting global market opportunities - a perfect match! Here’s what their founder and MP, Thea Messel has to say on their investment:

“What Carolin and Petra have accomplished over the last 18 months is unbelievable. I have been following them ever since they started. It is the type of team that anyone would be lucky to support and follow from the very beginning.
Food is one of the oldest industries in the world and that makes is one of the hardest ones to break in to and innovate in, yet GRIM is building an infrastructure that is making real change possible. 
Food waste is a massive contributor to climate change and Petra and Carolin have found a unique, scalable way to address it.”

Pssst... you're invited

In lieu of our equity crowdfunding campaign we would like to invite you to come see where all the magic happens! Join the founders, Carolin Schiemer and Petra Kaukua, for an after work drink at the GRIM headquarters located in the new food headquarters in Copenhagen Nordvest.

Thu, November 28, 2019 / 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Frederiksborgvej 59 / 2400 København NV